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Glitter Art Party Service

Prices start at just £50

Make your party or event sparkle with our Glitter Art service (also known as Festival Glitter). 


Our experienced Glitter Artists will provide a range of Glitter Art patterns for your guests, including popular designs such as the sun or moon eye motifs. We even offer hair glitter! Choose any of our beautifully coloured glitter mixes for instant sparkle!


This service is flexible to fit all types of events including children's parties, weddings, festivals & more.

We follow a strict health, hygiene and cleaning routine. We only use cosmetically approved professional glitters that are EU and FDA compliant. Additionally, our festival glitters are eco-friendly and biodegradable. So you can book knowing you're doing your bit for the environment too!

Our Glitter Art service is suitable for 3 years of age and over.

Glitter Pamper Package

Our Glitter Art service works well on its own or in combination with any of our our Glitter Tattoo service in our Glitter Pamper package. Find out more below:

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