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We provide sensational Character Appearances for children's parties & events.


From picture-perfect princesses to swashbuckling pirates, sparkling unicorns to world-saving superheroes, our experienced performers will bring a smile to everyone's faces - children and adults alike!

Browse our full selection of Characters for your next event, below:

Prices start at just £60

Can't find the character you're looking for? We have loads of other characters available. Get in touch for details.


Do you wanna have an awesome party? Then our Ice Princess is the character for you!


She’ll bring the frozen fun to any event, giving out warm hugs, building ice castles in the sky and taking all your guests on an icy quest into the unknown.


Our Snow Princess would be elated to party with you at your next event (well, we don't know if she's elated or gassy - she's somewhere in that zone!). 

Want our advice? Do the next right thing and invite our Snow Princess to your party or event.


If it’s magic and sparkle you’re looking for, you’ll find a stable full of it with our Unicorn Princess.


Join the herd and gallop over the clouds as our Unicorn Princess covers your party with a generous helping of rainbows, glitter and love.


Yo ho ho me hearties and a bottle of fun! This Pirate Princess is the ideal pick for any landlubber’s party.


There’ll be sea shanties, plenty of ‘Arghs’ and treasure for everyone as our Pirate Princess brings the seven seas of joy to your event.


Well shello there! Our Mermaid Princess is ready to make a splash at your next party or event.

Make your little one's party into a real shell-obration with a visit from this mer-mazing princess. With singing, dancing and games, your guests will have a sea-riously good time!


Life in plastic, it's fantastic! And so is a party with our Fashion Doll. 

You don't have to travel all the way to the Malibu Dreamhouse to have a fun-filled event. You just need to use a little imagination. Because in a party with our Fashion Doll, you can be anything!


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s our Superhero Princess arriving with a Pow! Boom! Blam!

Ideal for any superhero super-fan, our Superhero Princess will fly over with her immense speed and remarkable strength to make your event a smash hit.


She's a villain. There's no denying it! But we swear our Evil Fairy will be on her best behaviour (no sleeping curses here, honest!). 

Great for Halloween parties/events but also available all year round for kids who can't get enough of those villainous baddies!


Take an adventure to the great wide somewhere with our Beauty Princess. She’ll regale you with a tale as old as time and ensure your party is an event for the ages.


Be our guest and put our Princess Service to the test – you won’t be disappointed!


What's better than having one magical Snow Princess at your event? Having TWO magical Snow Princesses at your event, of course!

Book our Snow Sisters together for the ultimate party experience. Because some people are worth melting for.


Swish and flick! Our Student Witch character will share everything you need to know about the world of magic before you head off to school to learn witchcraft and wizardry.

Ideal for those who can't get enough of witches and wizards or to add a little magic to your Halloween event.


Our Christmas Elves are already counting down to the festive season. If you're looking for snowflakes, tinsel and holiday spirit, this cheeky bunch have got it by the sleigh-load!

Available for Christmas parties, festive events or seasonal one-to-one visits at home.

Character Appearance Packages

Our Characters are available for:


Character Appearances

at children's parties or events. Fully hosted children's entertainment for 30-, 60- or 90-minutes.


One-to-One Visits

at home with up to 3 children. Ideal for smaller occasions or intimate gatherings


Meet & Greets

at public or rolling events, family events, festivals, and more.

For more info, browse through our Packages and choose the best one for your event below:

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