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COVID-19 Guidance

Helping us all to stay safe.


As government restrictions regarding COVID-19 continue to ease and change we would like to reassure you that the safety of our staff, clients and the children we work with at parties and events across the country is our number one priority. Working with children means we follow strict hygiene protocols – we always have and we always will.

We feel it is important to continue to include a number of precautions during the performance of our entertainment services. We will endeavour to update our procedures in line with current government guidelines. Please read the guidance below to find out what steps we are taking to make sure that everyone stays safe during the running of our services.

COVID-19 Guidance for Entertainment Services:

Hand Wash Protocol:


Our staff will wash their hands on arrival at your party/event and on frequent occasions throughout their visit with you. Please ensure you inform our staff of the location of bathrooms or hand wash facilities on their arrival. All of our staff are supplied with hand sanitiser gel for use when required.


We recommend that all of your guests wash their hands before and after attending/taking part in our entertainment services.

Face Painting Guidance:


We follow a strict health, hygiene and cleaning routine throughout our Face Painting service.

Our Face Painters will wear a face covering (a face mask and visor) when painting the faces of your guests if requested. They will also use fresh water for paints, brushes & sponges for every client and clean their hands with sanitiser gel between each client. Our Face Painters follow a strict one sponge per face rule. All of our Face Painting equipment is thoroughly cleaned between each Face Painting booking.

Our Face Painting staff are qualified in COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control from Guild Training International. Please see our Face Painting Risk Assessment (available on request) for more details on how we keep our staff and clients safe during our Face Painting service.

Please note: Our Face Painters cannot socially distance from your guests whilst painting their faces. Please bear this in mind when making your booking.

Balloon Modelling Guidance:


Our Balloon Modellers will wash their hands before starting the Balloon Modelling service and on frequent occasions throughout the service.


If you would like our Balloon Modellers to wear a face covering (such as a face mask or visor) or socially distance from your guests, please let them know – they will be more than happy to do so in situations where this doesn’t affect their ability to perform their services.

Character/Princess Appearances:


Our Character/Princess Performers will wash their hands before starting the Character/Princess Appearance and on frequent occasions throughout the service.


Our Character/Princess Appearances include singing and dancing activities with your young guests. There will also be the opportunity for your guests to have photos taken with the Character/Princess. These activities will not take place with social distancing measures in place unless you ask us to include them. Please let us know before you book with us if you would prefer these activities to take place socially distanced. Please note, this will require a larger space to perform the activities in to allow for social distancing space for our staff and your guests.


Our Character/Princess Performers will occasionally hand out prizes (such as stickers) to your young guests throughout their appearance. We recommend your guests wash their hands after interacting with prizes. If you would prefer our Character/Princess Performers did not hand out prizes during your party/event, please let us know before you book with us.


Please note: Our Characters/Princess Performers cannot perform their appearances whilst wearing face coverings. Please bear this in mind when making your booking.

COVID-19 Cancellation Policy:


Your agreement is made with the understanding that Government restrictions relating to COVID-19 have been eased on the date of your booking. If any Government Restrictions relating to COVID-19 that affect your booking are later added by the Government, we may have to alter, re-arrange or cancel your booking. In the event that we need to cancel your booking, you will receive a full refund, including the deposit.

If you can no longer host your event due to reasons relating to COVID-19, please let us know ASAP and we will endeavour to re-arrange your services to a new date.

In the event that we need to cancel your booking due to COVID-19, we will endeavour to re-arrange your services to a new date. If this is not possible, we will issue you a full refund, including the deposit.

Our staff cannot attend your booking if you or any of your guests present at the booking have had a positive COVID-19 test result or have had contact with a person with COVID-19 symptoms or a positive COVID-19 test result in the last 10 days. Our staff reserve the right to cancel or leave the event if made to feel in any way at risk. 



It is important to note that the responsibility for the Health and Safety of any minors present at your party/event remains with you (the Booking

Contact) and your guests at all times throughout the session.

We will regularly re-assess and update this policy in line with any changes made to government guidelines.




Thank you for taking the time to read this message.


Kind regards,


Laura & Adrian


The Imagining Events Team


Please note, this policy is subject to change following current government guidelines for COVID-19.

For more information, contact

Latest update: 06/06/2022

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